Information and Communication Technology

thumb_ICT.jpgThe field of ICT is growing at an exponential rate. It seems that on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis new technologies are presented to us. Our students face a vastly different world from that which we knew. (E.G. The computing power of the Apollo 11 Module is less than what is now found in a hand held scientific calculator.) Schools have the responsibility of ensuring that students are well equipped to operate in what is rapidly becoming an online world.

Marymount is well positioned to provide students with the skills to operate in this online world. Student learning outcomes are greatly enhanced through the use of technology within our school. Our school has a WiFi enabled network with shareable banks of computers being accessed to support learning in each classroom. 

​All classes in Years 4, 5 and 6 have access to a One to One Program using laptops.  These are purchased by parents in Year 4 and stay with the students for their final 3 years of Primary School. This allows Internet, Intranet and Email access from any point in our school. Each classroom also has an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB).

It is our aim to further the integration of information technology across the curriculum through ongoing staff in-service and the development of students’ skills. Learning experiences are enhanced through student and staff access to digital cameras and video cameras, data projectors, scanners and colour printers as well as desktop publishing programs and other software programs that support learning in the classroom. Our school employs a full time school technician who works both in the lab with students as well as maintaining the school network.

We have in place Network Usage Agreements, a Social Media Policy, as well as Filtering software to minimise exposure to inappropriate content. It is a Professional Development priority of the school that staff continually update their ICT skills.