Student, Parent and Guardian Complaints Management

Policy Statement

thumb_GrievancePolicy.jpgAt Marymount Primary we encourage conflict resolution strategies which promote the dignity of all. For further information please refer to our Grievance Brochure.


Situations of conflict arise in the school community – we are human. Conflict is a necessary ingredient for growth and change in an individual and in a community or organization. Conflict is a sign of difference in a community. As Christians however we have an obligation to work at resolving conflicts peacefully, with due respect for the dignity of all people involved. We have an obligation also to restore relationships broken or affected by the conflict. We have an obligation also, through open, honest and respectful communication, to avoid initiating unnecessary conflict.

Differences in opinion might lead to conflict if there is either no room for negotiation or little attempt from either person or group to listen to and respect the rights of another to express a point of view. As Christians we are compelled to broaden our understanding and acceptance of difference. In fact, we are called to celebrate difference.

​​​The documents below outline Brisbane Catholic Education's (BCE) approach to managing and resolving complaints from students, parents and guardians. This procedure applies to all BCE employees and must be read in conjunction​ with the BCE Student, Parent and Guardian Complaints Management policy and Code of Conduct.

Student, Parent and Guardian Complaints Management procedure.pdf

Student, Parent and Guardian Complaints Management policy.pdf

Code of Conduct.pdf