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thumb_Music.jpgOver 100 students study a musical instrument at our school. Marymount offers the students qualified, enthusiastic instrumental teachers and comfortable learning areas to study an instrument of their choice. If you would like your child to study an instrument in a quality learning environment and at reasonable prices, you may like to speak directly to one of our music staff. They will be only too happy to discuss charges, music, instruments and time schedules with you:

Name:​ ​Instrument: ​Ph: ​Email:
​Andrew Mitchelson
Guitar (individual)

​0431 741 489
​Mark Wilkins

Leisa Kirstein
​Guitar (group)

​0407 270 467

0414 662 362
​Colin Hoy
Instrumental Band, flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion
​0407 748 093  

Instrumental Band, trumpet, trombone

​Jamie Lee Wilson ​Singing ​0425 143 395

Cvitan Barac


0408 722 539


Guitar, singing, piano and drums (with Cvitan) are private lessons that take place on the College grounds during the school day. Instrumental Band, wind, brass and percussion instruments with Col and Paul are small group lessons that take place during the school day at the Primary school.

Junior Band Rehearsals take place during morning tea on a Wednesday and Senior Band rehearsals take place before school on Wednesday's.

Instruments are to be hired privately and accounts are issued by the teacher each term. The Band plays-out at various local venues and at school assemblies during the year as our proficiency develops.

Further information regarding this co-curricular activity is available from the school office.