Fee Structure

thumb_FeeStructure.jpg​The information below covers a number of issues including Enrolment Principles, Accounts Information, Overdue Accounts and Debt Collection Policies. A statement of School Fees 2018​ is available for your perusal. These fees are subject to change.


This policy was revised by the Marymount Schools Advisory Council in May 1998 and is effective from July 1998.


  1. The Parent/s or Guardian/s responsible for payment of accounts is to sign the application form guaranteeing to pay accounts as they fall due.
  2. All applicants for enrolment receive a copy of the School Fees Policy. All families currently enrolled will also receive a copy of this Policy.
  3. The Primary Schools and College may check payment and student records at previous schools and Parent/s or Guardian/s may be requested to provide a letter from your previous school indicating that all fees are paid at time of transfer.


  1. The Annual Fee is billed over four school term instalments.
  2. The Term Account must be paid by the due date which will normally be 21 days after issue.
  3. Fees can be paid in a lump sum in advance. Alternatively fees can be paid over other periods of time within the term but application must be made in writing to the Accounts department.
  4. Accounts can be paid by EFTPOS, cash, cheque, credit card or by Bpay.
  5. The Accounts Office of the Primary School must be contacted to obtain approval for an extension of time to pay an account if circumstances arise where an account cannot be settled by the due date.
  6. Fees Concessions may be available for eligible applicants. Please see the Fees Concession Policy for further details.


Should an account not be paid by the due date without prior arrangement through the Accounts Office, the following steps will be followed:-

  1. A initial contact will be made by letter reminding that the account is overdue and requesting that it be paid in full by the date shown on the letter.
    In response to this letter the Parent/s or Guardian/s may request an interview with the Principal to discuss the financial situation.
    If there is no response
  2. A second letter will be sent from the College & Primary School Collection Agency, George Laurens (G.C.) Pty Ltd advising that the account is well overdue and must be paid immediately.
    The account will then be handled on behalf of the College and Primary School. 
    This letter will be followed by a phone call to ensure there is no misunderstanding regarding the account or the individual financial situation. Any contact will be through the Collection Agency at this stage and NOT with Schools.
    If there is still no satisfaction, the matter will be dealt with by the solicitors representing the College and Primary School.
  • Mr. Greg Casey  Primary School Principal