At Marymount we ensure children can access a range of programs and activities to promote good health. Participation in physical activity promotes health and well being and establishes patterns of behaviour that are positive lifelong influences. The outcome is that children are more capable of managing the interactions between themselves and their social, cultural and physical environments in the pursuit of good health.Our sport and Physical Education programs support the goals of the Health and Physical Education Key Learning Area. Specifically, we offer students the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, processes and attitudes to make informed decisions about:the promotion of health of individuals and communities;the development of concepts and skills for physical activity, andthe enhancement of personal development.As well as learning experiences organised by the P.E. teacher and accessed by all children each week, the school offers a range of other sporting activities to cater for various needs and abilities. Before and after school coaching and training programs in a variety of sports are on offer for the children. As well, children are supported through representative channels to National championships in a range of sports. Marymount is part of the Oceanic District and South Coast Region for these events.Whilst the success of our training program is documented in the results of various carnivals, the real success has been witnessed in the large number of children who have accessed the programs. Many children have enthusiastically participated with the intention of increasing fitness rather than to compete as part of the school teams. We are very proud of our successes and look to the future with excitement and optimism.South Coast School SportPlease find a link to South Coast School Sport.  Here you can print off Permission Booklets and get up to date information on Regional and District trials.