Special Needs

​​​​ ​​​​​A Support Teacher: Inclusive Education is available to assist students in reaching their full potential. This assistance is based on the individual needs of the student. Please approach the class teacher in the first instance, if you are concerned about your child.

There are a number of ways in which staff at Marymount Primary endeavour to provide students with social and emotional support. 

Learning Support Meetings are offered as a support for parents whose children have developmental and/or social and emotional needs. Further information regarding the support team is available on this site.​

For the enrolment of students with severe and complex needs, special support procedures must be followed. This procedure is outlined in the Policy Document entitled BRISBANE CATHOLIC EDUCATION – GUIDELINES – ENROLMENT APPLICATION AND SUPPORT PROCEDURES for students requiring significant educational adjustments.

BCE Enrolment Application & Support Procedure for Children with Special Needs.​

The processes outlined in this document ensure that the rights of students with special needs are preserved and that correct procedures are followed. This document is available on request. ​​​