School Fee Structure and Policy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​The information below covers a number of issues including Enrolment Principles, Accounts Information, Overdue Accounts and Debt Collection Policies. Our 2024 Fee Schedule is available below for your perusal.   These fees are subject to change.​


Marymount Primary School Fee Policy

Marymount Primary School aims to provide a quality education to all students and in order for this to be achieved, fees and levies are charged. By accepting enrolment at Marymount Primary School you, as fee payers, are agreeing to address the financial responsibility of paying these fees.  Upon completing the Confirmation of Enrolment form you will be provided with documentation which allows you to detail your payment options.

Fees and Levies collected at Marymount Primary School are used for the following purposes which are aligned to the Vision and Mission of the school to:

  • Provide teaching, administrative, classroom support and Facilities staff
  • Provide essential resources, materials, facilities and equipment
  • Assist with providing activities such as excursions
  • Support the school building program
  • Maintain buildings, grounds and other facilities

The Marymount Primary School Families and Community Engagement Strategy (FACES) also collect a levy through the school fee structure to support the initiatives of the parents and community within the school.

For those families ex​periencing short or long-term genuine inability to pay fees, we are committed to providing support to ensure that enrolment is not compromised.  Please contact the Principal and/or Finance Secretary for further information concerning the concession application process.

School Fee and Levy Collection Process
  1. School fees and levies are charged on a term basis during the first week of the term in accordance with the School Fees and Levies Schedule which is available above.

  2. Fees are due to be paid within 14 days of the issue of the Statement of Fees and Levies. The due date will be noted on the statement and fee payers are required to make full payment by the due date unless a special arrangement or an approved payment plan has been established with the School Finance Secretary or a member of the Accounts Department.

  3. Where a parent/guardian believes financial circumstances have arisen that will prevent or delay the payment of the school fee account, a variety of options are available:

           a.      Extension of Time - If an extension is required, please contact the School Accounts Department prior to the due date.
           b.      Payment Plans - Payment of the school fee and levies account by regular instalments. All payment plans must ensure that                                  ​the account is cleared by the last day of the school year or as negotiated with the Principal and / or Finance Secretary.
           c.      Fee Concessions - In cases of financial hardship an application may be made for a fee concession:- 
  • ​​Concession applications are accepted at the commencement of each year or at any point initiated by the family.  Concessions are issued for a maximum period of 12 months within a calendar year. Consideration for a subsequent 12 month period will require a new application.
  • A compassionate and just approach under the mission and values of Brisbane Catholic Education and Marymount Primary School is used when reviewing applications.  The same process is adopted by all Brisbane Catholic Education schools for assessing eligibility. 
  • Concession application forms are available at the school Accounts Office. 
  • All matters are dealt with on a confidential basis.

         4.  Recovery of unpaid fees - In fairness to families who pay their school fees regularly and on time, our School will follow up all​  

              overdue school fee accounts:​​​​

  •  A reminder statement will be issued within 5 working​​​ days to any family who has not settled their school fee account by the due           ​date where a payment plan or other arrangements are not in place.
  • If payment or a suitable response is not received within 5 working days of the reminder statement, an initial late fee of $20.00 will        be applied
  • If after 5 working days from this late fee reminder satisfactory arrangements have not been reached, a third reminder notice will be sent.
  • If payment or a suitable response is not received within 5 working days of these reminder statements, a second late fee of $30 may be applied
  • If after 5 working days from this second late fee reminder satisfactory arrangements have still not been reached, the account may be sent to the School’s Debt Collection agency.
  • In serious cases, where there is clear capacity to pay outstanding fees, legal options may be pursued by the School.  Legal costs, and any debt collection costs or other costs incurred will be at the family’s expense.

Methods of Payment

  •  BPay

  • Approved payment plan by Direct Debit, Credit Card or BPay

  • Online via Visa or MasterCard through the Marymount Primary School Parent Portal by clicking the Payments tab and selecting “Fees Payment Online”

  • Cash or EFTPOS – Debit and Credit Cards at the Primary School Accounts Department

  • Credit and Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard) via telephone contact with the Primary School Accounts Department​


Approved Payment Plans
As mentioned in point 3b above, our School offers families the opportunity of paying the school fee account by regular instalments over the course of the year. All Approved Payment Plans must be organised to include a regular schedule that will clear the school fees account by the last day of the school year. Any extensions to an Approved Payment Plan must be negotiated with the Principal and/or Finance Secretary. To establish an Approved Payment Plan, forms are available from the School Accounts Department.

Late Start Enrolment

New students entering Marymount Primary School after the commencement of the term will be charged on a pro-rata basis for the remaining weeks of the term where appropriate at the Principal’s and/or Finance Secretary’s discretion.  The invoice must be finalised by the last week of the term.

Withdrawal of Enrolment

Fees will be payable for the whole term in which the enrolment is terminated.  For a reduction in fees, a written request must be made to the Principal at the time of notification and may be gran​ted at the Principal's discretion.

For families with students in Years 4 to 6, laptops will need to be returned to School or alternatively arrangements can be made to pay the contract out.  In this case the laptop will still need to be returned to School to have the BCE imaging removed and the laptop reset for private use.  

Any other School owned equipment including student classroom and library books are also to be returned to the School.  If any fees remain outstanding, they will be payable before the students leave the School and where appropriate, any fees in credit will be refunded.

Extended Leave/Holding an enrolment place
Fees will be payable for the whole term in which extended leave is taken.  For a reduction in fees a written request must be made to the Principal at the time of notification and may be granted at the Principal’s discretion.  Consideration will be given to the length of the break, the nature of the leave, the time the student has been at the School, the number of previous leave occurrences, and the existence of student waiting lists.
For further clarification regarding the above school fee and levy collection process, please contact the School Finance Office 5520 8417 or 55208412.​

Mr. Brendan Creevey