​​It is often quoted that "parents are the primary educators". We recognise the vital and irreplaceable role you have in the development of your child. This section of the web site details you we can work together for the best educational outcome for your child.

In this section we outline our partnership with you. It includes a list of parent rights and responsibilities. The Parents and Friends Association is one way that parents can involve themselves in our community. All parents are members of this association and further details and contact numbers are provided.

Under current legislation we are required to publish, on our site, information regarding the school. This is available in this section.

I have included, for new parents to our community, a page introducing you to Marymount College. The college continues your child's education in our community through Years 7-12.

Each year we ask that parents check and update their details. If your details have changed in recent times, please update using the Parent Portal​.

Finally, a frequently asked questions page is provided for new parents to our community.