thumb_Bullying.jpgMarymount Primary actively seeks to provide safe, supportive learning environment that is free from all forms of intimidation, harassment and oppression. Our school also seeks and affirms each persons worth and dignity and bullying strikes at the very basis of these values, preventing students reaching for every dimension of life. Bullying in all its forms will not be accepted within the Marymount Primary school community. Please refer to our Brochure for more details about how you can held educate your child about bullying.

Definition of Bullying:

Bullying is a repeated and wilful misuse of power by an individual group to oppress, hurt, intimidate, embarrass or put another person under stress.

There are four main types of bullying:

  1. Physical - hitting, kicking, punching, taking or damaging belongings, pinching, pushing, violent physical attack.
  2. Verbal - name calling, insulting, racist remarks, obscenities, telephone harassment, sexual harassment. (Verbal harassment may extend to written forms including email, SMS, and other Web-based technologies.
  3. Emotional - Spreading rumours and nasty stories, exclusion, threat of harm, threatening gestures or isolation.
  4. Cyberbullying - the use of Information Communication Technologies e.g. email, mobile phones, chat rooms, blogs to tease or harass others.

Response to Bullying:

  • Notification of incidents to teachers will be referred to the Assistant to the Principal – Administration.
  • Interviews will take place with the students involved by the teacher and/or Assistant to the Principal – Administration to establish the nature of incident.
  • If investigation results in identification of bullying behaviour a record will be made of the details and a contract will be applied initially. Further instances of bullying by the same student will be recorded and a penalty will be applied, which may also involve a Quit Bullying Program.
  • The person being bullied will be offered counselling and support and contact will be made with parents/caregivers at the discretion of Administration.
  • As a consequence of bullying, a range of options are available depending on the individuals and the nature of the situation. Some of these may be: counselling, restitution (making amends), detention or some other logical consequence.
  • Repeated bullying may lead to a review of enrolment.

Further information can be found on this page.