School Staff

​​​​​This page may be useful in determining who to contact to have your enquiry answered. It also includes a brief statement of responsibilities for key staff at our school for 2018.


Mr Greg Casey
Assistant Principal Religious Education (APRE)
Ms Bernadette Christensen
  • ​Religious Education
  • Assemblies
  • Pastoral Care
  • Early Years
  • Behaviour Management (P-2)

​Assistant Principal (AP)
Mrs Lee Meiklejohn



Assistant Principal (AP)
Mrs Tina O'Keefe

  • Sport
  • Behaviour Management (Years 3-6)
  • Maintenance
  • Staff Timetabling & Rosters


  • Student Support
  • Special Needs Enrolments
  • Newsletters
  • ​Information Technology
  • Class Lists


Primary Learning Leader
Mrs Deb Cronin
  • ​Curriculum (P-6)
  • Academic Competitions
  • Years 3, 5 Testing
  • Camps and Excursions (3-6)

​Early Years Literacy Teacher (P-2)

Mrs Deb McKean-Nunan


Guidance Counsellor
Mrs Mary Sanders

Ms Melissa Stevenson

  • ​Curriculum (P-2)
  • Incursions and Excursions (P-2)
  • Reading Program (P-2)


  • Student Support
  • Guidance
​Principal's Secretary
Mrs Jennifer Ramsey
  • ​Enrolments
  • Statistical Returns
  • Email
​Finance Secretary
Mrs Janelle Holmes
  • ​School Accounts
  • School Fees
  • Concessions
Parents and Friends President
Anthony Touzell
  • ​Social Events
  • P and F Meetings
  • Arts Festival
  • School Fete

A complete Staff List for 2018 is available ​Here


​Contact Details for our School are included below:​
School Address: ​261-283 Reedy Creek Road. Burleigh Waters. QLD (Refer to Location Details for map)
Postal Address: ​PO Box 2506, Burleigh BC 4220
Phone: ​0755 351803
Fax: ​0755 351819