Fee Concession


This policy was revised by the Marymount Schools Advisory Council in June 2003 and is effective from January 2004.

We, the schools of the Marymount complex, are committed to providing a Catholic education to all Catholic children whose parent/s or guardian/s desire it. We are also aware that some parent/s or guardian/s experience financial hardship. In spite of this, we will always endeavour to ensure that no Parish student will be denied a place at our schools because parents are genuinely unable to pay full fees.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

We have in place a system of fees concession which is available on application to any parent/s or guardian/s of a Catholic student. These fees concessions are determined on the basis of a just and equitable formula reflecting financial hardship. Any fee reduction is looked at in terms of the financial situation, encompassing both income and assets, of the family concerned, their responsibility to full-fee paying parent/s or guardian/s and the efforts they make to meet their commitments.

The acceptance by parent/s or guardian/s of a position at one of our schools for a non-Catholic student assumes the ability to pay full fees.


  • Families wishing to apply for concessional fees should contact our Accounts Department

  • Parent/s or guardian/s requesting concessions must provide evidence of gross income, tax and housing costs. Pay slips and Centrelink statements are acceptable evidence of income, income tax returns may be required in some circumstances, and rental receipts or bank society statements and rate notices as evidence of housing costs. The attached Statement of Assets and Liabilities form should also be completed. Documentary evidence may need to be provided for this area also. If you are a business owner, all financial details may go to the Parish Finance Council for ratification.

  • An interview may be required for Concession applications each year. If an interview is considered necessary, you will be contacted by the College or Primary School to arrange a time​​

  • The application and interview process is aimed at determining a just and equitable fee which is within the family's ability to pay.

  • No allowance is made for repayments on such items as holiday houses, luxury cars, investment houses, pools etc. If a family so decided its priorities to encompass these things, the burden of that decision is the family's. Similarly excessive housing costs cannot be expected to be subsidised by the Marymount community.

  • All Fees Concession approvals are based on the use by parents of Direct Deposit. This will be arranged at the interview.

  • Once a fee concession is granted, it is essential that this commitment is honoured in full and on time. If family circumstances change the respective school must be informed.

  • If concessions are required beyond the current year, new arrangements must be negotiated each school year.

  • Concessions will only be backdated to the commencement of the term in which the completed application was received.

  • Unless prior arrangements have been made, the schools expect that fees will be paid by the due date. If there is a problem in meeting this deadline, a letter of explanation should be sent to the relevant Principal.

  • Any concessional fee arrangements may be reviewed by the Chairs of each of the Schools Advisory Council and the Burleigh Heads Parish Finance Council.

As stated at the outset, the reason for formalising these procedures is to ensure justice and equity to all. I am sure that parent/s or guardian/s will appreciate the necessity for this and will support the efforts being made to provide resources for every one of our students.

  • Mr. Brendan Creevey
    Primary School Principal
  • Ms Martina Millard​​
    College Principal
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