Parent Handbook - Part 1

​​Absence From School / Early Departures

Should a student be absent from school on any particular day, we suggest that parents contact the school to advise of the absence as a safety precaution or through the Report Student Absence link Parent Portal. Longer student absence from school must be confirmed in writing, explaining the circumstances to the class teacher. Extended or repeated absence will be reported to Administration, who will require that the reason for the absence is supported by a certificate from a medical practitioner. Early departures must be arranged through the class teacher and children are to be collected from Student Reception where they are signed out by a parent / guardian. Absence for family holidays must be taken when they become due. Students in most cases, must and should accompany the rest of the family, but we see it as impractical to set formal written activities for a pupil during such a period, and, accordingly, this will not be done. As a general rule, we encourage these students to maintain a journal of their travels.

Leadership Team

The administration team comprises the Principal, Mr Brendan Creevey, Assistant Principals Administration, Mrs Melissa Sewell and Mr Kevin Yates, Assistant Principal Religious Education, Mrs Bernadette Christensen and Primary Learning Leaders, Mrs Felicity Leeson and Mrs Nicole Balym .

Advisory Council

The Marymount Primary School and Marymount College Advisory Council is a body made up of the Primary and College Principals, Burleigh Parish Priest, staff members and Parents and Friends presidents from each school and parish representatives. The Advisory Council deals with policy and decision making in regard to financial and master plan issues including fee structures, building projects and budgeting issues.

After School Procedures

School concludes at 2:55 pm each day unless parents are otherwise notified. Teachers are required to accompany their class to the Frank Shine Walk and supervise their departure. Bike riders are to proceed directly to the bike racks, put on their helmet, and walk their bikes off the school property before riding home. Students who are to catch buses are to walk to the bus stop, where supervision will be provided until 3:30pm. Students who are to go home by car are to walk to either to the school car park where they are to sit and wait until their car arrives in the drive through pick up zone. Supervision is provided at the top of Sunlight Drive until 3:30pm. Students who walk home proceed home directly via their regular route. Students not collected from collection areas by 3:30 pm are escorted to Student Reception by the teacher on duty and parents will be contacted.

Assessment/Reporting to Parents

Assessment is viewed as an ongoing process and takes the form of observations, anecdotal and running records, classroom and outdoor activities and may be formal or informal. Reporting to parents of academic and social development occurs each Semester with a term one interview, end of Semester written report. Regular contact between teachers and parents is encouraged as the relaying of pertinent information that supports student learning is vital. Open communication between teachers and parents is encouraged. To ensure that teachers are available to discuss student progress, please make an appointment.

For assessment purposes, the school year is divided into two semesters January to June and July to December. At the end of Term 1, it is expected that parents of children in Years Prep to 6 attend a Parent/Teacher meeting at which their child's progress is discussed. At the end of each semester, each child’s report will be placed on the Parent Portal. At all times it is essential that parents feel free to discuss any aspect of their child's growth - initially with the child's teacher and then with a member of the Leadership Team if required. Appointments can be made at any time by contacting the office, teacher, or school secretary to arrange a mutually agreeable time for all parties concerned.


There are currently seven major awards presented at the end of the school year. These are:

  • The Spirit of Mary Award
    The Spirt of Mary Award recognises the student who has exemplified this attitude and worked hard  to achieve in the areas of learning, positive behaviour and high standards.​ This award is reserved for Year 6 students only and is determined by the Year 6 teaching staff and administration.
  • The Pat Dolan Bursary
    The Pat Dolan Award recognises the student who clearly demonstrates a genuine friendship and concern for fellow students and particularly by assisting and encouraging them in their school life. Pat supported Marymount for many years, especially during the establishment of the school. Much of what we enjoy now is testament to the efforts of Pat and his crew. This award is reserved for Year 6 students only and is determined through nominations and voting by the staff.
  • The Charlie Clarke All-rounder
    The Charlie Clarke All Rounder Award recognises the student in our school who demonstrates a real love of life in their interactions with others. Charlie was a staff member who was friendly, mischievous and fun loving with just a touch of rogue. Charlie died suddenly during his first year of teaching at Marymount yet left quite an impression on those who knew him. This award is reserved for Year 6 students only and is determined through nominations and voting by the staff.
  • The Simon Hogan Music Award
    Simon Hogan attended Marymount Primary School for six years until 2001 when he lost his courageous battle with Leukaemia. Simon was an energetic student, popular with his classmates and loved especially rugby league and music. In fact, music was a great companion for Simon, especially during his treatment in hospital. He loved music of all styles and this Music Excellence Award is named in Simon’s memory.
  • Sportsperson of the Year
    The Sportsperson of the Year Award recognises the student who achieves highest honours across disciplines. The award is determined by Paul Hill (PE Teacher) and the Leadership Team.
  • Sports Encouragement Award
    The Sports Encouragement Award recognises the student who demonstrates determination and commitment across disciplines. The award is determined by Paul Hill (PE Teacher) and the Leadership Team.
  • School Leaders
    All our Year 6 students are recognised as leaders and the final year of Primary School is considered a year of service to the community. School Leaders are recognised by their badges.

Academic Excellence Awards - Award Policy

​Marymount Primary School only issues Academic Excellence Awards in Semester 2 of the school year due to the way curriculum is written, allowing students a full 12-month timeline to achieve year level expectations.  Students must receive an 'A' in either English or Mathematics to obtain this award.​

Marymount Primary School Award Structure June 2023 Version.pdf

Bike Riders

All students riding bikes to and from school are required by law to wear a protective helmet. Bikes are to be placed in the racks provided near the Year 6 classrooms and the pool. It is the responsibility of each student to secure his/her bike to prevent theft. Bikes are not to be ridden in the school grounds, rather students should walk beside their bikes when in the school grounds. The bike rack area is out of bounds to all students during school hours.

Buddy Program

Class Teachers in upper grades are encouraged to “buddy up” with another class in the lower school. This is a good means of helping the new students to quickly settle into their new school, and it is an excellent way of bringing out the leadership qualities of the older children. It is hoped that the teachers concerned arrange for regular contact between buddies. This is important and the teachers involved should plan regular events where the students can be together. There is much to be gained for both the older and younger child through such things as regular story reading, art and craft activities and play.

Bus Service

Marymount Primary School is serviced by Koala Coaches (5535 2711) and Kinetic/Surfside Buslines (5552 2700). All enquiries and reports regarding the bus service are to be directed to the respective bus company. The Queensland Government have produced a Code of Conduct for School Bus Travel​. The Non-State School Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS) may be available for student travel rebates. It is open in May for Semester 1 and October for Semester 2. Please visit the School Transport Website​ for an application and to check if you are eligible.