Parent Handbook - Part 2

Camp and Outdoor Education

Students in Years 4, 5, and 6 take part in annual class camps. The venues and dates of these camps are advertised well in advance and participation in these activities is considered essential for all students. The Year 6 group have for the past years visited Sydney and Canberra. The cost of all these camps and trips is included in the excursion levy component of the school fee schedule.


Introductory Parent—Teacher Evening

This is scheduled in the first few weeks of Term 1. It is most important that all parents be encouraged to attend. We stagger the sessions to allow all parents to visit the respective teachers. It would be reasonable for each session to last 30-45 minutes. Parents may miss parts of sessions, but will be able to get to some of all sessions. The timetable is sent out as follows:

Prep & Year 1


Year 2 & 3​


Year 4 & 5


Year 6


Parent—Teacher Report Interviews

Parents are asked to come up to the school for a formal parent—teacher interview at the end of Term 1. This allows both parties the opportunity to discuss strengths and weaknesses in each child’s performance. Note that no second formal interview time is scheduled but is available at the end of Term 4 if requested.


There are regular opportunities for children to enter competitions run by a variety of organisations. Contact Mrs Debbie Cronin for further information.

Crest and Motto

The Marymount Primary Crest takes its inspiration from St Francis of Assisi (1182-1226).

The Crest incorporates the Franciscan symbol of the crossed arms of Christ and St Francis. Both hands bear wounds to remind us that for St Francis, the most important thing in life was to follow Christ as closely as possible, so closely in fact that he seemed to be transformed into an image of Christ with the Stigmata.

The centre of the Crest is dominated by a cross, the symbol of Christianity, surrounded by rays of light. The cross is a reminder of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus which has become a central reality in our lives as Christians. Christ the light shows us how to find meaning in our lives. Surrounding these symbols are clouds covering two mountain tops – Mt Calvary, where the death of Jesus bought our salvation and Mt Alvernia, where Francis shared the passion of Jesus through the Stigmata, the five wounds of Christ. The clouds symbolise the realities of Heaven, the new life which is ours as we live out the struggles and difficulties of life supported by the strength of Christ.

The motto, “Deus Meus et Omnia” translates to My God and My All. This reminds us that no matter what we strive for, there is little we can achieve without God’s help and guidance.

Cultural Literacy and Languages

This Key Learning Area consists of two components:

  • Cultural Literacy
  • Languages other than English is an integral part of the Year 1-6 curriculum. Through an embedded approach across all curriculum areas, students are given the opportunity to develop an understanding and awareness of other cultures. French is the official language at Marymount Primary. Students in Years 4, 5, and 6 are involved in this program.

Custody Issues and Family Law

There is a basic principle which the school must observe in the exercise of its "in loco parentis" responsibilities with respect to every child enrolled. This principle states that the school: "should owe its allegiance to and take instructions from the parent, parents or guardians who enrol the child at the school." In the event of a change in family situation, the school carries out the instructions of the custody order determined by the court.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

The school’s mission emphasises the importance of the development of the whole person and further, as a Catholic school, our aim is to develop responsible citizens who consciously attempt to live the gospel values in their encounters with others. In a truly supportive Catholic school environment, then, the frequency and severity of behavioural problems should be significantly diminished. Such an environment ensures that all students have a right to a socially just education and are able to achieve their full potential. This is our goal.

In order to achieve this ideal, we must build a school which is characterised by:

  • an ethos centred on the person of Jesus and the values exemplified in the Gospel.
  • a curriculum that caters for all learners.
  • a clearly stated and consistent school wide Behaviour Management plan which encourages students to make choices and accept responsibility for their own behaviour.
  • a non-discriminatory organisation and administration process.
  • an emphasis on the development of high quality interpersonal relationships.
  • regular opportunities for the monitoring and review of school wide practices, plans and procedures.
  • a high level of co-operation, collaboration and consistency amongst staff, parents and students to achieve improved behaviour for both group and individual cases.


School Discos are held in the Doyle Centre a number of times during the year. Dates and times are published in the newsletter in the weeks leading up to the disco. Attendance is strictly for students of Marymount Primary School only.


Marymount Primary is part of the Burleigh Heads Catholic Parish and seeks to encourage living out of the Catholic tradition and the education of students in the Catholic faith. As a community, we are enriched by the participation and experiences of families from other Christian traditions. Our Religious Education curriculum promotes ecumenism by educating students about the Catholic Church tradition, doctrine and practices. Differences between Catholic and other Christian traditions are explored and respected.​