​​Please take the time to become familiar with the procedures detailed below in regards to medication. If it becomes necessary for your child to be given ANY medication whilst at school or on a school related activity (such as a camp, excursion or sporting event) the following procedures must be adhered to:

  1. The medical practitioner who has treated your child must provide written authorization and information for administering the medication prescribed.
  2. The parent/caregiver must fill out a written request for school staff to administer prescription medications. The form to be used for both of these requests is available from the school office.
  3. The medication must be in a container labelled by a pharmacist showing the name of the drug; the use by date; the name of the child's medical practitioner; the name of the child; the dosage and the frequency of administration.
  4. In the case where it is necessary for the child to keep the medication in their possession (e.g. asthma puffers) the parent /caregiver will need to include this instruction in their advice.
  5. Oral medication such as analgesics (Panadol, Aspirin etc) and over-the-counter medication (cough mixture, motion sickness medication, etc) that have not been authorized by the child's medical practitioner must not be administered by any member of the school staff.
  6. Staff or volunteers must not give intravenous injections. Procedures and guidelines are in place for administering other types of injections and are available on request.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Principal to ensure that an official register for the administration of medication to students is kept and that such medications are stored as required by the policy.

In order to ensure that all correct documentation is used, we ask that you use the form available from the office, when making a request for the administration of medication to your child. This form must be filled out by you in order for us to act on your behalf. Any parent/caregiver who has authorized us to administer medication should fill out a new form as soon as possible. This includes those who take regular medication and those who require occasional treatment (e.g. in case of bee stings). All medications and forms will be kept in a secure area at the office. At no time should medication remain in the possession of a child, except in the case of asthma puffers.

A copy of the Medication form is available Here.

A copy of the Paracetamol authority form is also available Here.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Further information regarding our Medication Policy is available in the Parent Handbook. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any queries or questions.