Marymount Primary School Homework Policy


At Marymount we acknowledge the importance of family time in an increasingly complex and busy world. Our homework policy aims to support equitable practices whilst recognising the diversity of families in our school community.

The purpose of homework is to provide an opportunity for families to share in their child's spiritual, physical, emotional, social and academic development. It assists in strengthening partnerships between parents / caregivers and the school and is designed to support each child in developing the attributes of a lifelong learner.

For the purpose of this document, reading is not considered to be an optional homework task. Regular reading is strongly encouraged for all Marymount students and is considered an essential home activity.


Homework tasks are offered on a weekly or fortnightly basis for children in all grades. Completion of homework is optional. Homework tasks will not be used for assessment or reporting purposes.



The amount of time taken to do homework will vary according to individual capabilities and family circumstances.  The time frame for completion of homework activites will be flexible, taking into account family routines and timetables. As homework is not intended to be an onerous or stressful activity, the following recommendations are offered.

Early Phase of Learning - Prep to Year 3

In Years Prep to 3, homework could be up to but not more than a total of one hour per week.

Middle Phase of Learning - Year 4 to Year 7

In Years 4 and 5, homework could be up to but not more than a total of two hours per week. In Years 6 homework could be up to but not more than a total of three hours per week.


All Students should engage in daily reading. Other homework offered to students will include a range of tasks related to happenings in the classroom and their world.


Teachers will:

* Ensure the homework policy is implemented and followed

* Clearly communicate their expectations for homework to parents / caregivers and students

* Collaborate with year level colleagues to organise a system that ensures consistency of content

* Ensure that homework tasks are varied and relevant

* Refrain from asking students to complete unfinished class work as homework

* Refrain from setting tasks for homework that will be used for assessment

* Monitor the homework practices of their students

* Contact parents / caregivers to discuss any concerns regarding homework

* Provide opportunities for students to discuss any difficulties they are experiencing with homework

Parents / Caregivers will:

* Be aware of and support the school's homework policy

* Discuss homework activities and expectations with their children

* Contact the relevant teacher/s to discuss any concerns about homework

Students will:

* Be aware of the school's homework policy

* Submit any completed homework when expected

* Discuss any difficulties they are experiencing with homework with their teacher/s

A review of our Homework Policy was prompted by a concern that homework is not an effective use of student, parent or teachers' time. This concern has been supported by educational research which questions the value of "traditional style" homework. Marymount staff will continue to discuss the role homework plays in the educational development of our students in light of contemporary research and the educational and social context of our children.