Parent Handbook - Part 3

Emergency Evacuation / Lockdown

The Evacuation Alarm is a siren with a message and the Lockdown Alarm is the song "Everything's Gonna be Alright" by Bob Marley. If any parent/caregiver is on site in the event of an alarm they are to follow established procedures.

Events @ Marymount

Throughout the year there are a number of events for students, staff and parents. These include the Colour Run, Marymount Day, House celebration days, Thank You Liturgy, Year 6 Commissioning and Graduation Ceremonies, and a variety of sporting events. All are advertised in the school newsletter.


The school curriculum provides opportunities for students to experience life in community situations outside the family. Appropriately planned and supervised camps and excursions assist greatly in the students' understanding of the community in which they live. An educational excursion is any student activity conducted outside the school site that is organised by the school and approved by the school Principal.

Fee Structure

The Parent/s or Guardian/s responsible for payment of accounts is to sign the application form guaranteeing to pay accounts as they fall due. All applicants for enrolment receive a copy of the School Fees Policy and families currently enrolled will also receive a copy of this Policy.

The College or Primary Schools may check payment and student records at previous schools and Parent/s or Guardian/s may be requested to provide a letter from your previous school indicating that all fees are paid at time of transfer.

First Aid

All members of the school staff are encouraged to maintain current, certified standard of First Aid and provision is made in the professional development calendar for updating qualifications.


The following procedures are to be followed stringently in the administering of first aid to ensure safe practices for all personnel and students:

  • Students are not to administer first aid.
  • During class times, the teacher (or designated adult) will administer first aid providing the duty of care to all students is not compromised. If this is not possible, the student is to be escorted to the Administration Area, with accompanying instructions to personnel in the Admin Area.
  • During recess times, if a need for first aid arises, the teacher on duty should be informed and the child is to be escorted to the Admin building for treatment. Except in emergencies, teachers are not to administer first aid whilst engaged in playground supervision.
  • All precautions to prevent infection should be taken. Avoid direct contact with blood and bodily fluids - always use disposable gloves. If contact inadvertently occurs - wash contacted areas with cold water and soap. Cuts and scratches are to be covered by a sterile dressing.
  • Treatment areas are hygienically maintained - areas contacted by body fluids are wiped down with cold water and then a bleach or disinfectant.
  • In cases of serious accident or where a child is distressed, parents are to be contacted.
  • Details of all first aid treatment are recorded in the Log Book in the First Aid Room.


It is a very clear school policy that students must wear their school hat whenever not undercover. Students without hats during recess times must sit in a covered area. Students who continually fail to wear a hat will be reported to the Leadership Team so that parents may be contacted.


Students are covered by a basic coverage from Catholic Church Insurances. This cover is for 24 hours per day while on school activity or business. Further information is available in the School Office or by phone on 1300 655 001.

Learning Enhancement Centre

This department in the school has as its focus the special needs learners of the school. Specific support is available for students with learning difficulties, who are gifted or those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Library / Resource Centre

The Library / Resource Centre is the educational heart of Marymount Primary School and as such consumes more of our resources than any other single area. The main aim of the Library / Resource Centre is to encourage resource based (all medium) research oriented teaching and learning experiences. It should be a place of learning and enjoyment for all at Marymount Primary.

We want the Library / Resource Centre used as much as possible by all people, understanding that the Teacher Librarian and Library Aide are resources with special skills all should learn to use.

Students, Prep - Year 3, attend a 30 minute library lesson with the Teacher Librarian each week. Teachers are also able to bring their class to the library at negotiated times and remain and work cooperatively.

There will be no class borrowing for the first and last week of the school year. This time will be used to organise class data bases, bulk loans and reading schemes ready for the new year. Resources are not to be lent to parents or students over the Christmas break but rather public libraries are to be recommended for use during school breaks. It is school policy to ask for the replacement or cost for lost or damaged books.​