Parent Handbook - Part 5

School Officers

The school employs a number of extra staff to fill a variety of important positions.

  • School Officers - Administration - fulfil a number of roles in the administration area of the school including enrolments, parent reception and enquiries, secretarial duties, record keeping, communication and financial activity.

School Officers are appointed to provide assistance to teachers in the following ways:

  • teacher preparation assistance, not initiation
  • assisting small groups of children
  • assisting staff on class excursions
  • working with children (under teacher direction) 

School Organisation

Children should not arrive at school before 8:10 am when teachers commence duty.

  • First Bell. (8:35 am) Supervision ends and students proceed to their classrooms.
  • Morning Tea. (10:40 – 11:10am)
  • Lunch. (1:10 – 1:20pm) Eating Time. (1:20 – 1:50 pm) General Play Time
  • School Finishes. (2:55 pm)

School and student records

All official school records are kept in the administration area. They are the property of the school, and their confidentiality must be respected at all times.

At the commencement of the year, parents are asked to check their personal details via the Parent Portal and update them if necessary. 

Each student will have a file folder and an electronic copy. Into this are placed copies of report cards, assessments etc.  It is important to ensure that family details including address, phone and emergency contacts and medical information are correct and updated.

School Uniform and Dress Code

A standard of appropriate dress, whether it is school uniform or street clothes, must be maintained at all time. It is therefore essential that parents and the school have the same set of values in this regard. There will be no deviation from the set school uniform and parents are required to ensure that children are always presented neatly and in the appropriate school uniform with all items clearly labelled. A no hat, no play policy applies at Marymount Primary School. Students are encouraged to apply 15+ sunscreen during a break and well before other outdoor activities.

Hairstyles should comply with standards of neatness and safety. Extremes in style, cut or colour are not permitted. Hair at or below shoulder length is to be tied back with either white or blue ribbons or white, blue or tartan scrunchies. Short hair styles should be no closer than a Number 2 cut. Hair should be kept tidy and off the face. Suitability of any hairstyle is at the discretion of the Principal. Make-up including nail polish is not permitted. Plain sleeper/studs may be worn. If choosing to wear these, one sleeper/stud in each of both ear lobes is essential. Wrist watches and a Religious Medal are permissible. All other jewellery e.g.. wristbands, rings or necklaces, are not acceptable. Some jewellery may have to be removed for safety at sports events. Children participating in school sports will be advised in writing by coaches regarding their specific uniform requirements for that sport. Swimming caps must be worn, goggles and wet shirts are an option for swimming. Bathers and swimming caps may be purchased from the Marymount Uniform Shop. A full uniform brochure is also available.


According to legislation smoking is banned within schools and for 5 metres beyond the school boundary.

In addition to the "universal non-smoking areas", the use of smoking products, including tobacco and electronic cigarettes, is banned in:

  • all school land within Queensland
  • for an additional 5 metres beyond the boundary of school land

This includes all structures in this area such as bus shelters and carparks.

It is important to remember that Laws relating to school land apply at all times during and after school hours, on weekends and during school holidays.

Where persons are observed smoking in an enclosed area, on school land or within the 5 metre ‘no smoking’ buffer, legislation requires that the Principal, or delegate, request the person to stop smoking or move to an area where smoking is permitted. If they do not stop, they must be told that it is a legal offence not to comply with a direction to stop smoking in an enclosed, on school land or within a designated 5 metre ‘no smoking’ area.

Sensitivity should be exercised in relation to visitors and others who may be unfamiliar with these requirements.

Instances where persons refuse to stop smoking should be documented.

Specialist Teachers

Marymount Primary is fortunate to have the services of a number of specialist teachers. Each week the students have lessons with a variety of these specialsits.

Prep - Year 2 have a lesson with the Teacher Librarian, Music, Health & Physical Education and Literacy each week

Years 4 – 6 have a Music, Health & Physical Education and French lesson each week.

Sporting Programs

Marymount is proud of its fine sporting record and participation in a wide variety of individual and team sports is encouraged. Students in Years 5 and 6 participate in the Gold Coast South Zone Inter-School competitions during the Summer and Winter seasons. Those students not selected in an interschool sport team are engaged in an electives program. Students in years Prep to 6 take part in Athletics, Ball Games, and weekly Physical Education lessons as part of their physical development. Students taking part in Inter-School competition choose from a wide variety of sports in which to compete. These include Swimming, Touch Football, Netball, Cricket, Softball, Basketball, Athletics, Cross Country, Soccer, and Rugby League.


Teachers are rostered for duty in the school grounds between 8:10 am and 3:30 pm. Students should not arrive before 8:10 am and must leave at the specified time. Teachers are not responsible for the safety of children before 8:10 am or after 3:30 pm (school organised & supervised activities excepted). Students not collected on time are required to report to the school office. While every effort will be made to contact parents, students who are not collected and consequently left unsupervised at school (if noticed) will be taken to After School Care where their safety can be assured. The cost of this care will be borne by parents.

Please inform your child's teacher of how your child will be going home each day. To help us safeguard your child, teachers should be notified in writing of any changes to this normal routine.

Visitor Protocol

In accordance with Work Place Health and Safety regulations, the school has a visitors’ sign in and out register at Main Reception and Library. Parents are required to sign in on their arrival at school to work with students or staff for a prolonged period of time, however this does not apply if dropping off or collecting students.​

Wet Weather Procedure

In the event of inclement weather, a member of the Leadership Team will make a decision regarding break times and will classify the day as normal or an A Day. This decision will be announced on the intercom system prior to break times.

"A" Day

On an A Day the duty roster does not apply and all students are to remain inside their classroom under the supervision of their teacher. Teachers negotiate with their colleague next door to share the supervision of classes while teachers have their lunch break. Normal tuckshop procedures apply. Leadership and specialist staff will provide additional supervision on an "A" day.

Workplace Health and Safety

Marymount Primary School, as a registered workplace, is subject to the provision of this 1995 Act of Parliament. The Act is designed to make workplaces safer, healthier and more productive. As a staff we have a WH&S Committee, headed by the Principal and consisting of members of staff. Dangerous areas, behaviours or potential dangers should be reported to the Principal immediately. These concerns will then be either attended to immediately, or referred to the next WH&S meeting for discussion.