Proposed Facilities Improvement


Plans to improve facilities at Marymount College and Marymount Primary School

To help us achieve our aim to deliver an outstanding primary and secondary experience for our students and families, we work continuously with our local community to improve our facilities through strong and effective engagement.

We have been developing a draft masterplan to improve the internal layout, functionality and vehicle access arrangements to the College and School campus'. The draft masterplan generally involves internal refurbishments and the removal of existing buildings to create space for new projects and it does not intend to dramatically increase the building footprint that currently exists within the site. While the works proposed as part of the draft masterplan are not as a direct result of increased student and staff numbers, the College and School are anticipating future growth within each campus over the coming years.

Importantly, the draft masterplan aims to maintain the existing balance between built form, open space and environmental areas across the site through appropriate building transitions and height limits and ensuring existing setbacks with our neighbours are maintained to align with community expectations.

Proposed Ministerial Infrastructure Designation

We are planning to request that the Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning identify our campus' at Burleigh Waters as a 'Ministerial Infrastructure Designation' (MID) under the Chapter 2, Part 5 of the Planning Act 2016. This designation will recognise the College, School and adjoining site comprising the Burleigh Heads Catholic Parish and Mary Mother of Mercy Catholic Church for the following purposes:

  • community and cultural facilities
  •  education facilities
  •  facilities at which an education and care service under the Education and Care Services National Law (Queensland) is operated.

If the MID is approved by the Minister, this designation would acknowledge and reflect what the College and School currently use this land for.

Our Vision

The College and School have undergone a master planning process generally involving:

  • one single storey building and two three-storey buildings within the secondary college campus for teaching spaces and administration offices
  • ​covered outdoor walkways within the secondary college campus
  • ​​covered outdoor sport courts facilities to the north of the secondary college campus
  • ​amenities buildings with the south-western part of the subject land and to the east of the proposed outdoor sport courts
  • internal refurbishment of the existing administration building within the primary school campus to create early childhood and gym facilities
  •  three-storey building within the south-eastern part of the primary school campus, comprising a library, teaching spaces, administration area
  • ​a new vehicle access location for student pick up / drop off for the primary school campus.

The proposed development does not involve significantly expanding the overall building footprint of the College and the School. Further, the project will not involve any clearing of the north-western ecological zone. Some clearing will be required along the frontage of Burleigh Connection Road to allow for the construction of the new vehicle access.

Having your say

As one of our neighbours, we encourage you to review this material and have your say about the proposed MID and draft masterplan. A drawings package is provided in the following link which illustrates the extent of development the College and School would like to achieve as part of the proposed MID:

Pre-engagement Drawings

If you are interested in our MID and draft masterplan and would like to submit an enquiry, provide comment or meet to talk with a member of our team further, please contact our business manager, Julie Edds via email at We are also contactable via phone up to 18 September and from 6 October 2020, on (07) 5586 1000. 

This early consultation period will be open for your comments until 09 October 2020.

It is important to note that a formal community consultation will also be undertaken later in the MID process. During this period, neighbours, key stakeholders and residents will be provided a similar opportunity to make a submission or simply learn more about our draft masterplan.

Next steps

Feedback from this early consultation period will be provided to our project team to address in the preparation of the Draft Environmental Assessment Report. This report will be prepared with input from specialist consultants and describe the anticipated environmental, social and economic impacts and an assessment of these impacts. The Draft Environmental Assessment Report and supporting technical reporting will then be submitted to the Minister as part of the request for Marymount College and Marymount Primary School to be designated for infrastructure.

After these steps are carried out, the local community will be able to lodge submissions on the proposed designation during the formal community consultation period.