School Map

Our main entrance is from the car park located at the western end of our school. Entry to this car park is via Reedy Creek Road. As you head up the Frank Shine Walkway you will pass the pool on the right. The next buildings are the Staffroom and Primary Administration/ Student Reception Areas. You will also find the school uniform shop located in this building.

Heading up the Frank Shine Walkway,​ the first building on the right currently contains Prep ,Year One and Year Two Classrooms and is labelled "C" Block. At the top of the stairs turn right to access "B" and "D" Block. B Block currently houses our Learning Enhancement Centre, Meeting Room, Staff Work Room, Year 5, and three Year 4 classrooms..

Continue up the Walkway to access "E" Block. E block currently Houses Year 6 and three Year 4 classrooms. Next to E Block is the Music Rooms. To the left of "E" Block is our Multi-Purpose Shed and OSHC facility. A secondary entrance to the school is also available from the East. Turn right into Sunlight Drive. A service road is then available to drive up the hill. Parking is available to the right of the church. This car park is shared with the College and Primary staff, along with ​parking for parents and Parish visitors. The walkway is the "spine" of our school. Included below is some further information about the walkway.

A significant project for the school in 2004 was the construction of a new walkway which was blessed and opened by our Parish Priest at the time, Fr. Pat Molony, on July 20. The walkway has been officially named the ‘Frank Shine Walk’ in honour of Frank Shine who was Parish Priest from 1959 to 1976. It was Frank Shine’s foresight and vision those many years ago to purchase the Marymount land and build the first stage of Marymount College in 1968 and the Primary School in 1974. We are indebted to Frank Shine, our founding father, and the ‘Frank Shine Walk’ will serve as a reminder to past, present and future generations of the debt of gratitude which we owe him and all those who have made significant contributions to education in the Parish over the years.