Assistant to the Principal Administration

thumb_APAtb.jpgFunding for larger schools throughout the Brisbane Catholic Archdiocese provides for the appointment of the position of Assistant to the Principal Administration (A.P.A). Due to the extra large enrolments at Marymount the school operates with two A.P.A.s. I hold one of the two positions and as such, join the Principal; A.P.R.E. and second A.P.A. to form the school Administration team. The administration team supports the school principal in the shared leadership of the school. For organizational purposes specific leadership roles in various areas is assigned to each of the leadership team members.

My major areas of responsibility are:

  1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  2. Behaviour Management. Male Students
  3. Maintenance and Cleaning
  4. Workplace Health and Safety
  5. Timetabling and Duty Rosters

1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

For a more detailed account of what our school has to offer in ICT please refer to the ICT page in this web. My responsibility in this area is to effectively manage our computer network ( we also employ a full time school technician); to ensure that ICT is incorporated across the school; to oversee the school ICT plan; to in-service staff in the use of ICT; and to liaise with Brisbane Catholic Education and the wider educational community on using ICT. I also am responsible for maintaining the school website. Any comments about the site would be greatly appreciated.

2. Behaviour Management. Male Students (Pre School - 7)

I would refer parents to the detailed explanation of our approach to Behaviour Management. Briefly stated we recognise that behaviour is learnt and therefore can be taught. As with other learning, this takes time and mistakes. My approach therefore with the students is to look at behaviour in terms of choice and logical consequences. We all have choices and we all need to accept consequences ( be they positive or negative) and learn from these consequences. Any disciplining of students occurs in this context and in the wider context of our Catholic ethos.

3. Maintenance and Cleaning.

Marymount Primary is a large school both in terms of student population and area. Maintaining a safe and clean environment is a priority to us. We employ two full time groundsmen and a team of cleaners to ensure that our school environment is one that is conducive to teaching and learning. Staff and students are encouraged to report any maintenance or cleaning issues they discover. I encourage parents to also inform the school if you notice a maintenance or cleaning issue.

4. Workplace Health and Safety. (WH&S)

Any members of our school community who operate small businesses would be well aware of WH&S issues. Because of our clientele, Workplace Health and Safety regulations impact heavily on schools. As mentioned previously, staff and students are vigilant in reporting various maintenance issues to the school administration. We have a committee that meets regularly to address WH&S issues. Greg Casey (School Principal) is the designated WH&S Officer. Should you have a WH&S issue to raise please contact me.

5. Timetabling and Duty Rosters.

It is my responsibility to coordinate staff in terms of duty rosters and timetabling of specialists. Your child has the opportunity to have specialists lessons in the areas of Physical Education, Library, Music and in some cases Drama and French. Your child's teacher will be able to provide more information on these activities should you require it.

Marymount is a wonderful community and I am fortunate to be able to work with Greg, Annette, and Bernadette in leading this community. I am always keen for a chat so if you are at school please say hello, especially if it involves my other favourite past-time, Rugby League.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Tony Barron
Assistant Principal (AP)